How to do a Power Reset

Doing a power reset can be useful in many circumstances and is often the simple solution to bringing life back to a 'dead' laptop. If your laptop also suffers from any of the following battery/charger related issues then it is worth while attempting to do one -

  • Laptop won't power on - un responsive
  • Battery not recognised
  • Battery not charging
  • POST error message for battery/charger


Follow these steps to perform a power reset -

  1. Turn off your laptop
  2. Remove the charger & battery. If your machine doesn't have a removable battery, press the 'reset' button under the base (This is sometimes a small pin hole)
  3. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds
  4. Re-insert the charger 
  5. Turn on the laptop, wait for the laptop to fully boot up
  6. Insert the battery


Be sure to complete the steps in the right order and in full