How to Activate Windows 10

 You must be connected to the internet to carry out these steps below
1. Select the Start (Windows)
button from the bottom left
2. Go to settings
(gear icon)
3. Select the Update and
Security icon
4. Choose Activation tab in the sidebar
(Circled Tick)
5. Select 'Change product key'

6. Enter your Product Key, click 'Next'
Then when prompted, click 'Activate'

The product key can often be found on the base of your Laptop or under the battery

Windows will now be activated


If Windows failed to activate, double check that the serial number was entered correctly

PCs that came with Windows 8 or Windows 10 from new do not have a label with the serial number. It will be stored in BIOS.

In this instance, click 'Troubleshoot' and this will now activate Windows