Clumsy Cover

Terms & Conditions

'Clumsy Cover' offers a 12month protection for 1 front smashed screen replacement on any qualifying phone purchased at the same time, from the date of purchase

The cover is only applicable to the front screen of the phone including home button if applicable. Rear screens/panels and the chassis of the phone are excluded. This also includes cameras/speakers etc

Any additional repairs will be quoted to the customer for approval, prior to taking place, EG - The phone being water damaged or chassis being bent

We reserve the right to refuse the repair if any additional damage prevents us from successfully being able to carry out the screen replacement

To claim on the cover, please contact our team HERE or by calling 0161 327 1644

This is a 'return to base' service. Tec It Out will arrange to collect the phone via courier from any UK address. The phone will reach us within 1 working day (excluding weekends, bank holidays and exceptional circumstances outside our control) and the repair is usually completed within 48hours before being returned back to any UK address via a 1 day shipment. If there are any delays to replacements being carried out, you will be made aware at the soonest possible time

We will only be able to make 2 attempts at collection. If these are not successful, customers will have to arrange shipment at their own cost

Non successful deliveries are returned back to us. We will only make two attempts at delivery before the customer will have to provide their own courier/label for delivery

Our courier service is a tracked service and is insured up to the value of £XX only

Tec It Out strongly suggests backing up your information before it is shipped. We cannot be held liable for any data loss

To enable us to adequality test the screen repair, we will need any passcodes to gain access to the device. This can be provided within the parcel, over the telephone or via e-mail. No customer data will be accessed - this is for testing purposes only. If we are not provided a pass code, we are unable to complete full testing and therefore will refuse to carry out the replacement

Screen colours will be replaced like for like. We are unable to apply a replacement screen of a different colour

IMEI numbers of all phone sales are logged to prevent fraud/misuse of this service. Claims with none matching IMEI numbers will be rejected and return postage in this instance will need to be covered by the customer

We do not offer a customer drop off or 'while you wait' service

Any questions?
Please contact our team HERE or by calling 0161 327 1644